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International Alfa Romeo Montreal Meeting - Switzerland 2010

This is an archive page, last updated 8 September 2010. For a report of the meeting, see the Alfa Romeo Montreal Website.

The 24th International Alfa Romeo Montreal Meeting will be held near Vevey, on the Swiss Riviera, from 9 to 12 September 2010.

The meeting, which is being organised by Bruce Taylor and Beat Trinkler, will be based at the Centre de Formation du Léman (now called the Hôtel du Léman), a very pleasant hotel in the picturesque village of Jongny, in the heart of the vineyards above Vevey. This hotel has an idyllic situation in a private wooded park with a superb view over Lake Geneva. Shuttle buses will be provided for the convenience of participants accommodated at other hotels in the vicinity.

The programme includes a parade through Montreux and a paddle ship cruise across Lake Geneva via Villeneuve to Le Bouveret -

The participants will then visit Swiss Vapeur Parc, the largest and most complex miniature railway park in Europe -

This plan shows the layout of Swiss Vapeur Parc. (E = entrance; R = restaurant; S = engine shed for the presentations; T = toilets)

The Montreal cavalcade will also make a short drive for lunch in the pretty alpine village of Champex-Lac, nestling in a high valley in the Mont Blanc Massif -

The return is by a scenic route with some interesting driving.

Here are maps showing the roads that we will take from Martigny to Champex, and for the return from Champex to Martigny.

The programme includes a guided tour of the Château de Chillon, Switzerland's most-visited historic monument -

During the meeting, the Montreals will also participate in the Vevey-Retro event, attended by over 500 classic cars, which will feature the Alfa Romeo Centenary in 2010. Please note the following details:

On arrival at the Vevey-Retro reception booth, each Montreal driver will be given two numbered registration forms which are in both English and French. You will then be guided to your place in the Montreal reserved parking area. One form is for displaying in the window of your car. The second form should be completed and taken back to the reception booth, and in exchange for it you will be given a small souvenir gift. A welcome aperitif for the Montreal owners will be served in the Alfa Romeo marquee, following which all the cars will make a short balade (45-minute round trip) -

Agrandir le plan

This excursion will pass through the Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO world heritage site -

A police car rollover attraction will be present at Vevey-Retro, and there will be a wheel-changing competition and activities for children, such as a car drawing competition with prizes. At the end of the event, a cup will be awarded to the owner of "the best Alfa". (Note that this will be chosen among all the Alfas present - not just the Montreals)

A gala dinner will be held on Saturday evening, with live music by the award-winning Cosa Nostra New Orleans jazz band -

For night owls, the famous Montreux Casino is open until 5am.

The charge for participation for 4 days (3 nights accommodation) is CHF 550 per person, and for 3 days (2 nights accommodation) it is CHF 450 per person. For participants who would like to extend their stay at the hotel for a few days, either before or after the meeting, the charge for accommodation and breakfast will be CHF 100 per night for one person in a single room, or CHF 170 per night for two people in a twin room. For people who are making other arrangements for their accommodation during the meeting, the price for participation in the events from Thursday to Sunday, including all meals except breakfasts, will be CHF 300 per person. The meeting is not recommended for children. An invitation document (which includes a preliminary programme) is available in English and German, as well as an application form that includes payment information. Please use the application form to book. The form should be returned and payment effected before 28 August 2010 at the latest!

Vevey is located at the crossroads between major highways from Geneva in the West, the Grand St Bernard in the South, and Basel and Bern in the North. This plan (4.4MB) shows the locations of the nearest autoroute junction (A), the hotel car park (P), and the Vevey-Retro park (V). Fuel is available at a competitive price from a 24h automat at the Tamoil station at 18 Route du Vignoble in Chardonne, 2km from the main hotel.

Please note that Swiss motorways have no toll charges, but are paid for by a vignette that must be purchased by all participants. The vignette, which costs CHF 40, should be attached to the inside of the car windscreen. It is sold at all the main frontier crossings with neighbouring countries, and the 2010 vignette is valid until 31 January 2011. To avoid the heavy traffic on the Geneva-Lausanne autoroute, it is preferable to come by the quieter autoroute from Fribourg, passing Châtel-St-Denis -

Other local attractions include the Swiss Camera Museum and the Gianadda Foundation, which includes a fine vintage auto collection -

Young at heart and staying longer in the area? Don't miss the Montreux Love Boat -

- or slow down a little and take a more relaxing cruise on the lake -

Vintage trains run from Vevey station to the nearby Blonay-Chamby railway museum, and directly by rack railway to the summit of Les Pléiades. (alt 1365m - 4478ft)

Paragliding (including tandem training flights) is available over the Riviera -

The Imperia Club is a lively night spot -

The Montreux-Vevey "Septembre Musical" Classical Music Festival will run from 27 August until 12 September 2010.

Passenger flights in hot air balloons are available at Château d'Oex -

It's just a short drive from Vevey to the medieval village and castle of Gruyères -

A rack railway climbs from Montreux to the summit of the Rochers-de-Naye. (alt 2045m - 6710ft)

Some other attractions in the area include:

The Olympic Museum
Images et Atmosphères
The Swiss Museum of Games
Audiorama (The Swiss Museum of Sound and Image)
Harry's New York Bar
Lavaux Golf Club
Alimentarium (The Nestlé Museum)
Grangettes Nature Reserve
The Swiss Museum of Glass Arts
Montreux music
Vevey Theatre
Lavaux vineyard tour
16th Route Gourmande (12 Sept 2010)
Auditorium Stravinski
Shopping in Vevey

Here is the weather forecast for Jongny.

For additional information about the Montreal, and a report of this meeting, see the Alfa Romeo Montreal Website.

Bruce Taylor

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