Model 911 Installation Instructions

(reproduced by courtesy of Perma-Tune)

WARNING: HIGH VOLTAGE! Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious personal injury, death and or damage to property. DISCONNECT BATTERY BEFORE INSTALLING OR SERVICING IGNITION SYSTEMS COMPONENTS. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery first.

The Model 911 Perma-Tune is designed to replace the stock ignition box and will bolt up and plug in to the same location as the stock system. If you need a harness to install this ignition system, exchange it for a Model 911E Perma-Tune.

The Model 911 increases spark energy three times that of the stock ignition system. This is why spark plugs will never foul again, even when set to large spark plug gaps and will actually recover from fuel contamination. The Perma-Tune system uses the points only as a sensor so they will generally last the life of the engine. Dwell is not a factor, simply set the points to stock gap specifications and then adjust the engine timing using a timing light. Use the Model TTL Perma-Tune for the Motronic Engine Management System, Mallory Unilite distributor or other engine management computers. Use the Model MP Perma-Tune on magnetic pulse type distributors like GM, Chrysler, Porsche 911SC and MSD or any other two wire sensor.


Do not attach a dwell meter to the coil. Do not connect 12 volts to the coil. To avoid damage to the unit, make sure the engine ground cable is connected to the battery negative terminal,

Spark plug polarity may be reversed by swapping the coil primary wires. Replace the ignition coil if there is evidence of oil leaking from inside the high voltage tower or at the seal at the top of the coil. To check if your coil has leaked, remove it from the car and shake it. You should hear only a small amount of air splashing inside the coil, if you don't hear any splashing, or if there is a lot of air in the coil, replace it. Any quality ignition coil will work with the Perma-Tune, however some "high performance" coils may cause flash over in the distributor cap. Perma-Tune coil P/N 103 or any quality 12 Volt coil without an internal ballast resistor is recommended.

Unlike other systems, Perma-Tune ignitions make no humming sounds when turned on . We recommend 7 MM or 8 MM solid strand silicone spark plug wire with 10 MM Teflon shielding, nylon wire clamps and wire separators.

Defective carbon core spark plug wires and resistor connector problems become more evident when using the 911 due to the increased power it produces. Check spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor for cracks, corrosion and short circuits.

Check fuel for water contamination, check fuel pump pressure and carburetor settings. Remove any radio noise suppressers that may be attached to the ignition coil, they are not needed. Fuel injection relays (if so equipped), tachometer isolators (if so equipped), or tachometers can cause intermittent ignition problems, poor performance and or damage the Perma-Tune.

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