Alexander Zimmermann

I bought my Alfa Montreal in 2005, after seeking one for 1.5 years. As I wanted a Montreal in good condition, I was ready to invest and paid an outstanding price. Nevertheless, in the beginning I had to hit the motorcar repair shop for several months every year. This was a hard time for me and for my budget!

As the repairs were done mainly during the spring and summer months, there was only limited time to drive the car under dry and sunny weather conditions. The first lesson I learned was not to take my car to a mechanic in summer, because during the summer holidays the whole of Italy seems to be on vacation, and for nearly two months you can't get any spare parts - no matter how much you pay.

Luckily the garage work ended in 2007, after a period of two long years and the expenditure of thousands of euros. Since then I have begun to enjoy driving the car, listening to the sound of the engine and feeling the power of its V8. Whenever you stop - at a junction or at a gas station - everybody is interested in this car. It's just amazing!

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