Montreal steering box welding note

Timo Jaatinen

1. Dismantling

The steering box shall be dismantled completely to avoid damage or destruction of the inner parts, such as the rubber washers and gaskets.

2. Cleaning

The washed item shall be heated to get the absorbed oil out from the porous alloy.

3. Heating

Before welding the steering box, it shall be heated slowly to 400 degrees Celsius. Cold aluminium cannot be welded succesfully. The right temperature can be determined by rubbing the hot item with a stick of birch tree. When the stick leaves a black trace and slides well, the temperature is around 400 degrees C.

4. Welding

The welding shall be done by filling the missing part, welding layers on to each other. This should be done continuously, without interruption. A bigger object can lose its temperature during the job. In this case it is not wise to increase the electric current. The object must be heated again before going on welding.

5. Cooling down

Finally the finished welding shall be heated again to 400 degrees. The hot steering box shall be cooled down slowly, preferably during 12 hours in an insulated thermal box or cabinet.

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