Daniel Emonts

I'm a Belgian citizen living and working in France. I'm married and the father of a 3 year-old girl, who seems to like our cars (which she defines in red - my everyday Alfetta; blue - my wife's Citroën, and orange - the Monti), and likes to be driven.

I was born in the sixties, infected by an Alfa virus from the beginning (my father drove a Giulietta in the '60s, and a 1750 Berlina in the '70s), though my first car was a Citroën Dyane, had some Ford 17M, Citroën DS, SAAB... I drove some Alfasud, 33, Alfetta GTV 2L ('70), 164, 146, 166. I owned also, but never drove, a GTV6 2.5L, and a Giulia Nuova Super. All in all, I'm on my 14th Alfa.

I bought the Montreal and, to have the budget to get her on the road, sold my 166 diesel, bought an Alfetta 2L from 1982 as an everyday car. Will move in a new house in 3 weeks, with a nice big garage, which will allow me to work on my jewel. I earn my money as an engineer by designing speaker drivers and speaker systems in a French company in St. Etienne.

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