Fabio Grandi

When I was a boy a red Montreal model was one of my favourite toys! Now (in 2011) I'm 46, have a PhD in Electronics and Computer Engineering, and am an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the University of Bologna.

I am engaged to Samanta, who also enjoys driving our small fleet of Alfas, which includes a red 1986 Spider 1.6, a red 156 3.2 V6 GTA, and a metallic grey 156 Crosswagon Q4. We don't plan to have children, but for now two cats, three canaries and four Alfas are enough!

My 1971 Montreal (AR1425669) was originally orange, but has been painted Alfa red and converted to carburettors by some of the previous owners. For the time being I don't plan to change it, since I'm working on restoring the interior and exterior details that had also been modified. (For example, a custom console with additional switches and lights had been installed, the rear seat had been replaced with a board carrying big stereo loudspeakers, and the rear window frame had been covered with black synthetic leather). In this never-ending adventure Bruce Taylor's books and website, and Giorgio Penatti's parts supplies, have been priceless resources.

I'm a staff member of the Italian Alfa Sport Club, and in particular I'm the editor of the Historical Section of the website, whose contents (including a serialized autobiography) are written by Elvira Ruocco.

The involvement in the activities of this Club (and a tendency to avoid long trips with the Monty) have so far prevented me from participating in the International Montreal Meetings. But I intend to take part in the next one in Tuscany!

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