Glenn Gaudin

Here's my Alfa story:

It started almost 15 years ago, when I was a piano restorer and mover, as well as a buyer and seller of interesting things...

I got a call from a man needing a difficult piano move, and no movers would help. I was recommended by several as being able, a bit crazy and with a love for adventure (all traits that would serve me well in my future Alfa restoration career). I managed to get the piano safely through the 4th floor window, up another flight of stairs in to the music room of said gentleman, who, being very happy, asked me if I would like to take one of his cars and sell it, paying him when it was sold.

That sounded interesting! We walked through his living room - which featured a Maserati and a Lola as part of the decor. As we emerged into his courtyard, there was a red Alfa GTV6 !! Now, being in Maine USA, I had never seen one ! I walked around it thinking, 'what a classy little GT'.

So, I agreed. I figured I would put plates on it and drive it while it was for sale. Wellll, to make a long story slightly shorter, I still have that GTV6, albeit retired now, at 320,000 miles. Only retired when a fool hit me in the tail, and the rust was too severe for resto. During the first few years of driving the car, I began to look for and find more of them in need in other states and started buying and selling them part time. Well, years pass, many great cars sold and several hundred thousand miles of twisty roads flying by under the wheels of many GTV6's, I decided to go full time restoring Alfas, GTV6 in particular. I had a good start on the business as by this time I had accumulated 40 something Alfas for parts and restoration.

Several years into my Alfa experience, I saw a picture of a Montreal !! Wow, I was smitten at first sight !!

Now, being a man of modest means, it could only be a dream, besides the fact that there were precious few to be found in my neck of the woods. A customer of mine, who had purchased a pristine GTV6 from me, asked if I would find and restore a Montreal for him. I leaped at the chance !! I began looking in earnest, finally finding one in Connecticut, listed on the Alfa BB, which belonged to Keith Goring. It was about to be sold as a parts car since it had been raced and was a bit rough body-wise. There was no rust though !! I saved it from a terrible fate and purchased it for my customer, who was delighted.

A couple of months into the restoration I began dreading the day I would finish it and have to deliver the car to its new owner. Fortunately, a chance sighting!! I saw one in the background of a photo of an auto repair shop in Oklahoma !! As I could see the sign for the shop with phone number, I immediately called and got the owner's name. He was delighted to sell, since he had brought the car to the shop (not an Alfa shop) because it wouldn't idle - 10 years ago !!! Well, after those old redneck boys tried 'adjusting the idle screw', it never ran again. Poor owner.

I got it for a very good price that I fortunately could just afford and got it home. It is black, having started out life gold, been painted blue, then black - twice !! I have just begun the restoration process, which will be stepped up when I finish the restoration for my customer. Needless to say, I am very excited and am enjoying immensely working on these magnificent cars. I am looking forward to restoring many more Montreals.

My business is called Heavy Metal Alfa, which is a story in itself.. Before being in the piano business, I had spent 12 years restoring MG T series cars, as well as Lotus, Elva and other classic sports cars. I am very glad to be in restoration again, particularly since my 'discovery' of Alfas !! I am located in beautiful Sebago in Maine, USA.

And I would like to thank Bruce at this time for his Montreal book, that has been a great help and inspiration. Thank you.

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