John Newman

When I was in high school in 1970 I saw a paper back book on Alfa Romeo in the library and there was a picture of the Montreal from the 1967 Montreal Auto Show and I fell in love with the styling. I am ashamed to say that I took the book !

In 1979 I was driving by an automoble lot that sold Grey Market Lamborghini's, Ferrari's etc and I noticed a silver car that looked like a Montreal. I had never seen a Montreal in real life so I went back and asked about the car. I paid them $12,000 USD for the car not even knowing what they were worth and have been hooked ever since.

In 1984 my Father was diagnosed with cancer and I closed my factory to spend as much time with my Father as possible. I informed the Landlord of my factory of my situation as the Montreal was not running well at the time (head gasket) and he said that I could park my Montreal in the 15,000 square foot parking lot that I used to rent with my factory. The new tenant performed an illegal lien sale and sold my Montreal to his son for $50 USD (without my Landlords or my permission). I sued and got the car back years later but sold the car on the spot to cover my legal expenses for $7,000 USD. (50% went to my attorney)

I have not seen my 1970 Montreal since 1986 or 1987 and I do not have any of the old paperwork ! All I remember was that my car was a very early production version silver exterior / red and black door panels and seats, no front spoiler, no air conditioning. I might be able to find an old speeding citiation and see if the VIN number is on it! (I used to get pulled over quite a bit in my 20's)

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