Being on honeymoon in May 1993 at Lake Garda (where else...) we were adopted by a little skinny cat that was obviously pregnant but not well. Because her babies were dead inside already - quick we had to help her to save her life. The Vet doc in Montechiari said: Juventus Turin is on TV - I don't waste my time with a cat! So I had to do things I won't describe to get the babies out and gave her medicine to save her life. Well, it worked. When we left Italy I had to decide to leave the cat there (we felt in love with her very much), because I am allergic to cats and can get asthma.

After one week back home I was so sad and always crying in Dirk's ears: I want the cat back! Hmmm. Well, we both wanted her back! Hurrah. We asked our bosses for 3 days off "for private affairs". Called the lady of Hotel: Is the cat still running around there? Yes, always looking for you... Thanks, give her food, we need a room for 2 nights, we want to come and pick up the cat! Ooooh, the lady was laughing about the "pazzi tedesci" (she was from the Netherlands and knows Germans well).

Tuesday at 6:00 in my 75TS, non-stop to Moniga del Garda in Hotel, cat was already waiting for us! Tara! Wednesday to relax and showing the cat a toilet! Thursday morning back with the cat in heavy rain over the little border at Fuessen so that no customs officer sees the illegal border-crossing cat. After 10 hours speed we arrived at home with an exhausted Italian kitty what speaks just other language. She took over the regiment in a second, got the name Nicola (Romeo) (I preferred Giulia) and still she is the Boss! 14 years now and a bit tired. By the way, I got my heavy asthma.


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