Philippe Delaage

Eventually I did it, I made it, and I am proud and glad of it!! But what about "it"? Well, I just bought a golden Monti. That's an old dream that has just been realised.

Let me tell you the story. The car is beautifully preserved both internally and externally (thanks to her previous owner, Mr Olivaud), and drove well all along the 450 km to get her back from Nantes to Paris. (However, the brand new clutch mechanism and both cylinders don't seem perfect).

My father caught the Alfa virus in 1968 with a 2000 Touring (I was 4 years old). Then in 1972 he changed for the Giulia Super. In 1980, exit the "still running fine but well rusted" Giulia, and enter the 2000 spider (from 1977). When we saw the spider at the Marseilles Alfa dealer, there was a Montreal at the back of the garage, waiting for some maintenance. I first saw and never forgot that wonderful car. In the meantime I became the glad owner of my father's spider (in 1989), which I still run after complete restoration (this car has however never been a lemon, just needed care for rust and for the 235,000 km engine). I have a 1984 GTV6 for everyday use (what an engine and sound!), and an odd 164V6 that I bought as a gift for my retired father,....who didn't accept it! (but he owns a 2600 spider,...and a Delage D6!). And then the Montreal, because:

1) I had the money (12,000 euros guys, the price of a Twingo with air conditioning!)

2) I needed a nice gift for my 40th birthday

3) I have found 3 years ago a nice pool of guys (and girls) still ready to help running Montis well into the 21st century. Yes, I am talking about the Montreal Forum, which I have silently attended for 3 years!

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