Peter Schweiss

I bought my Montreal new in 1977 and came soon to a high kilometer level by many travels between the research centers of Karlsruhe, Saclay ( Paris ) and Grenoble. I get quickly the impression of high reliability and ventured extended tourist tours in Greece, Tunisia and Maroc, no incidents, solely on the stony mountain roads on the Crete island a ball in the steering box was damaged without any injury.

A greater breakdown I must attribute to myself: in a very cold night in December 1980 on free autobahn Karlsruhe-Basle with thermic activator summer adjustment I burned the pistons after 100 kilometers with a speed permanently at 220, half an hour of full throttle. With correct temperature range adjustment the pistons would have survived.

Crankshaft and the four camshafts are still the originals. Starter is also the first, alternator was changed at 260000 km. Gearbox and differential also the originals. Fuel pumps were changed at 295000 km. The well known alimentazione problem at hot days and with low fuel tank level was softened by installation of a cooler in the fuel return line.

The mufflers were replaced about every hundred thousand kilometers. The Spica injection pump was never dismantled. Wheel arches and doorsteps were afflicted by many trips on salted roads and repaired at 280000 km.

The Montreal is my first car I keeped thirty years, I think I will never give him away. The Montreal appeals to me today as well as on the first day of my ownership.

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