Manos Protonotarios

Back in 1993, I lived in Minneapolis and was looking for a Montreal for at least 1 year before I found what looked like a promising example. The only problem: The car was in Seattle. I packed my tools and flew out to Seattle on a Saturday morning. I took the car for a test drive and loved it (except for the strange brakes). I was hesitant about driving a car I did not know for such a long distance, but the owner assured me the car would make it. I had no idea why he was so confident. I sure was not.

I started out very carefully, crossing Washington state, then got more confident through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and finally Minnesota. All in all, 1950 miles (3100 kms), stopping only for gas, in an incredible 21 hours, averaging 147 km/hour, alone, with no sleep!!! I was very brave at the time!! No dangerous moments, no mechanical failures. That's how I fell in love with my Monti.

The fondest memory I have of that trip, and I think, of my whole life together with this car, is crossing all of Montana at night flat out (no speed limits in Montana back then), at speeds between 200-220 kph, while accompanied by nothing else than the Aurora Borealis. Long live the Monti!!!!

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