Rob Jones

I've never looked back.

I saw my first Montreal proper while studying at art college for my degree in the early 1980's. A red one was often parked on the roadside near my flat in Southgate, North London. I was so taken with its lines that I produced an illustration of the car as part of my course work. Although I was a dedicated Alfista, I hadn't seen a Montreal other than in books and I failed to notice that some of the front bumper trim was missing and that there was some minor frontal damage. My illustration reflected this!

Some 18 years later, while buying a windscreen for my everyday driver (a 1600 GT Junior of twenty years), I spotted a Montreal at a local Alfa dealer specialising in older Alfas. I didn't pay much attention to it as I was convinced it would be much too expensive to buy and run and didn't want to invite temptation. Besides, I had read much about this forgotten Alfa in the press and was convinced that it would be an unreliable money pit! The dealer soon realised that I was an Alfa nut and as a true salesman tried to sell me the Monty. I dismissed it immediately, saying it would be far too expensive for my pocket, to which he replied "It's not as expensive as you might think"! He suggested a price that I was not expecting.

When I returned home I mentioned the Montreal to my wife, who surprised me by remarking that if I really wanted it I should make an offer. Although I offered the dealer a good price for a car of such pedigree, it was much less than he was asking. To my surprise he accepted and the deal was done. This was probably the most reckless purchase I have ever made, but as it turned out most definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made.

In seven years of ownership the car has never failed to put a big smile on my face. Since attending my first international meeting back in 2004, the experience of Montreal ownership has got better and better. Owning such a car has introduced me to many wonderful people and experiences. This contributes to the true value of the car, which for me is priceless.

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