Tim Harrison

Many years ago (late 70's) I came into possession of a "coffee table" car book with photos and illustrations from all the great Marques. The one that immediately took my fancy was a beautiful metallic green Alfa Romeo Montreal. At the time I think I was driving a scrap Mark 1 Ford Escort, and something as exotic as the Montreal was totally out of my league. But the interest remained as life went on, and then earlier this year (2018) I was joking with friends about cars and the topic of the Montreal came up again. Then someone said "Why haven't you done it?"

Life has been kind and I have been remarkably lucky, so I asked a contact to help me source a good quality Montreal. "Not concours, but definitely not a project" was the brief. Within weeks 60 DGJ had been found, and the fact that it is the right-handed sister of the one in the book made it feel like fate. The car was checked, "highly original, 23k miles, excellent throughout", price agreed and now that it's in my garage it's unlikely to be back on the market in my lifetime.

I think I'm probably the only person on the planet who owns a Montreal and an Ariel Nomad, the other car in my picture. As I said life has been remarkably kind, and choosing which one to drive is what my son categorises as a "first world problem"!

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