Terry Richardson

It all started one day in the mid 1960's, when a fellow mad motoring friend called one morning saying that he had arranged a ride (not a drive) in an Alfa Romeo at Sharpes of Lincoln, and would I be interested in going? After due consultation with my wife (young newly wed with children) I set off for my life-changing experience.

On arrival at Sharpes the salesman took us to a dark green 1600 Giulia TI. He drove us from Lincoln to Newark and back at high speed (exceeding 100mph at times) on a very twisty road and we were able to carry on a conversation and listen to the radio. I was so impressed (but poor) that I said one day I will own an Alfa Romeo.

Five years later, and still dreaming, I was introduced to a friend of a friend who happened to do a bit of car dealing, and was an Alfa enthusiast who just happened to have one for sale. It was a 1965 Duck Egg Blue Giulia Sprint GT. It was love at first sight! After several days trying to convince my wife that I could not live without it, and that I would find a way of fitting the two of us plus two children (and a third in a carry cot, and a boxer dog) into it in reasonable comfort, I bought it. I was like a dog with two tails. I fitted it with a tow bar (people said I was mad) and towed a caravan with it for several years. Eventually the family outgrew it and it went.

A few years later, perusing the second hand car ads (as you do), I spotted a Duck Egg Blue Giulia Sprint GT for sale. Now a little bit older and richer, I bought the poor old thing back as a project 2nd car (some young idiot had let it run out of oil and ruined the engine and gearbox). This was never completed, as I found a 1972 2Ltr Spyder at the right price. Unfortunately, due to the old Alfa problem of rot, this broke its back. A kind friend repaired it for me and I gave him the old Giulia as payment.

Following the Spyder I owned a 1.8 Giulietta, which again got the Alfa rot (Russian steel), followed by a 2Ltr Twinspark 75, a 3Ltr V6 75 (both excellent cars), a 1989 Mk 3 2Ltr Spyder (super car), and then a beautiful 1972 1600 Junior Zagato (LH drive). Because of age, and the fact that my navigators did not like sitting in the 'death seat' on rallies, I started looking for something else.

It hit me like a bolt of lightning - a 3/4 view of a 1976 silver Montreal in a Classic Car Magazine. It was that feeling again! I had never taken much interest in this model, as at shows they always seemed to have rough engines and misfire a lot. The Alfa Bug won and I travelled with a friend to Bristol to view this one and two red ones on private sale. The silver one won and I duly purchased it. At first I had nothing but problems (injection), which finished up with the fitting of a new fuel pump. (Green Flag considered buying it off of me, as a cheaper option than keeping getting me home!) I had it tuned at a local garage (not cheap), and since then life has been heaven. It goes to several classic car shows and rallies each year and always draws the crowds. It successfully drove to the International Alfa Romeo Montreal Meeting in Luxembourg in 2008 and back with no problems.

Back In Heaven Again. This Could Be My Last Ever Alfa!

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