Val Herrera

The photo of me with my youngest granddaughter was taken at the Texas car shop where my 1973 Monty was painted about two years ago. I have been an Alfa car owner for over forty years and really enjoy all aspects of these cars. I currently have several Alfas (1990 Spider, 1986 Callaway, 1971 Jr Z, etc) and the Montreal is my favorite.

About 5 years ago I purchased my running/good condition Monty in Arizona and trailered it back to Texas. I have completely restored the car inside and out and rebuilt/replaced the normal engine and other mechanical wear out problem parts/items.

My finished Monty was featured last year in a Texas car magazine and has won several Italian car show awards in Texas and California. It is a delight to drive and talk about. Fortunately, my tolerant wife and the rest of my family also enjoy Alfas and let me play with these cars.

As you can see from the photos, my youngest granddaughter appears to also like Alfas, as does her Mom, my daughter (she owns an 88 Quad Spider) and her Mom, my wife (owns a 1987 Milano and a 1967 Duetto). I'll continue to do my best to expose others to these beautiful Italian cars so that they may also come to enjoy this unique marque.

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